New Year: Thrive (Day Twenty-One)

a-new-year-thriveThe heart is such an important organ in our body.  It not only pumps blood through our body to help us live, but it also is the proverbial center of our emotions.  There are so many verses in God’s word that describe the condition of the heart – broken, hard, whole, pure, caring, soft, joyful, troubled, grateful – and so many more.

As I have thought about what to write, I wanted to talk about having a grateful heart.

Looking back over this past year, my heart has been many things – troubled, caring, joyful and grateful to list a few.  Being involved with missions at Taylors Valley Baptist Church, I can truly say “my heart is grateful” for the fellowship of our body of believers.

I sometimes feel like I’m always asking you to do something, spend something, or pray for something, and I can honestly say you have NEVER let God or me down. Whether it’s for our yearly Honduras Mission Trip, Backpack Buddies, scholarships for summer camps, our mission offerings or Operation Christmas Child, you have always gone above and beyond.  

My prayer for 2018 is to have servant heart for what God will use me for in His Kingdom.

What is your prayer for the year? Where is your heart today and for this new year?

Be ready for what God will put on your heart in order others might know Him and those who know Him may know Him better.

So, it is with a grateful heart that I look forward to what we as a church body will do to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  

May God’s grace, mercy, and peace be yours this year.

Dianne Arwood

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