O Death

Death puts life in the right perspective. Death puts the important things front and center. Death brings celebration of life and more importantly, a longing for the life to come. Death ignites purpose and passion to keep the main thing the main thing.

My Pa’s earthly body fully stopped working a week ago. His earthly life was intricately entwined with God’s purposes and fulfilled in part through my Gan’s wisdom, diligence, persistence, and unwavering devotion for her family. They were a pair.

Both educators, their influence is astounding and overwhelming. But their influence in the lives of coworkers and students cannot be compared to their influence in our immediate family. That’s where influence often begins. Family.

Death does its best to snuff out purpose and legacy while boasting of finality. Death knows we struggle with our mortality. Death knows we can drown in fear and anxiety about our own deaths and the deaths of those we love.

But in Christ, we grieve with hope. We steal back what Death tried to steal. Death failed.

“Jesus rose and sank you to the grave. And in resurrection, I refuse to fear you. O Death you died and I’m alive instead.”

Don’t wait to grab hold of the hope promised in Christ. Death waits for all of us. It is coming. But we need not fear. We need to believe. Believe Christ is who He says He is. Believe He came for you. Loves you. Died for you and took your punishment. Believe in Jesus. Not a list of rules. Not a system. A person. The Son of God.

Christ brings purpose contradicting the empty threats of Death. Christ makes the present matter for the future. Death dies and we live on forever.

“Kill my body you could, but still I live on forever. And when I should breathe no more, louder than I’ll sing. For Death you are the wide door to where I’ll live on forever in the presence of my Savior.”

What would my Pa want you to know? He would want you to know what you see isn’t all there is to this life. He would want you to believe in the One who provided the Way.

O Death, where’s your boast?


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