Bible Study Tools:

These journals allow the reader to work through a book of the Bible by chapter, following the SOAK method. There are devotionals available on her website to coordinate with each study, but reading her devotional blogs are not necessary to work through the journal. In fact, all you really need is one of the journals, the SOAK method, and a great Study Bible (I use the ESV Study Bible). Any age can utilize this journal! I am planning to purchase my tween girls “The Book of Mark Journal” soon.

These highlighters are my favorite. They are smooth and do not bleed through my pages…And every student of the bible needs flags to mark your place!

My other new favorite set of devotionals are authored by Kristin Schmucker! First the design and layout is simply beautiful. Second, the short devotionals allow me to spend more time in the Word and not in filling out many blanks and reading others commentaries. Perfect length for you morning cup of God’s Word! Click on the picture below to go to her website.


Prayer Resources:

I have two prayer books listed as part of my favorite things. I love the topical arrangement in “Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotion.” This compilation is a great resource for private and public prayers. I will warn you, be prepared to read each prayer several times over – they are incredibly deep and rich.

“Prone to Wander: Prayers of Confession and Celebration” made my list not only due to the beautiful lyric quality and form of the prayers, but also because each day contains a hymn resource list to enhance our musical worship. I often insert personal praises and requests into the thought-provoking prayers on the page.

Productivity Resources:

Without a doubt, my two favorite resources for productivity are linked above. I use the weekly format from “What’s Best Next” but prefer the overarching life plan suggested in “Living Forward.”

My Favorite Apps (Daily Use):

This app is the best I have ever attempted to use for memorizing Scripture. It engages the audio, visual, and kinesthetic learner. My “reading” children also use it! I select the passages or books of the Bible I want to begin memorizing and the app takes me through the process. Mine is set on a review every two days and that has proved the best time review for me to remember what I have already mastered.

serial  serial2
This app is called Serial Reader. The reader app offers various classic book you can subscribe to. By subscribing, you are sent portions/chapters (what they call units) every day through the app, all units taking less than 20 minutes a day to read!

Parenting Resources:

The first book below is a reference manual by topic of struggles your child may be working through. It has been a go-to for Jared and I to help teach through virtue training. The second picture is of the Child Training Bible. I have used this resource probably as much as my children!