The Village Girl Handbook 2

***Look for Sara’s story of hope and restoration in this volume***

Through a collection of powerful stories, “The Village Girl Handbook 2” offers loving voices of truth to girls of all ages. Fifty carefully woven-together stories offer accounts of triumph over disappointment and loss. Strangers, who will become friends, tell of their own difficult battle with suffocating fear, drowning shame…debilitating illness…consuming unforgiveness. Sorrow and humor will meet you on the pages, reminding you that struggle is unavoidable.

These stories, refusing to let trouble win, urge us to never give up. We’re not alone in the fight. Devotion questions, placed at the end of each story, point to the One who cherishes us, One who helps us overcome. And so we grab onto hope.

Sara authored one of the fifty stories designed to encourage and equip your girl. Find encouragement in knowing your village. Enjoy thrilling tales, get tips and take quizzes. The book is a great resource for girls to read through on their own or in a group! Pick up your copy by clicking the link below or contact Sara using the email button below.

The Village Girl Handbook 2