Tips for Treasuring the Season: Outreach at Christmas? (7)


Jacob as baby Jesus, 2012

I have been looking forward to this tip from the outset! I am the most passionate about the gospel and the manner in which it can be fleshed out at Christmas. Honestly, I feel slightly silly writing a blog about ways to share the gospel at Christmas. I daresay Christ cannot be made more maximally obvious than in His birth. However, our cultural influences have unquestionably diminished the purpose for the celebration. I am greatly saddened by reading blogs written by believers, satirically and quite sarcastically pushing back against the bloggers writing to encourage awareness of consumerist influences dominating the season. The dichotomy they try to create is celebration, cheer, happiness vs. dogmatic religious piety. I think they are simply missing the point. Christmas is a celebration! Moreover, believers are celebrating the end to the quest for eternal life! We have found it in Jesus Christ!! Christians carve out a season to: 1) remember the birth of the Savior; 2) discuss and contemplate the generation we have been placed for His glory; 3) and look forward with anticipate and HOPE for His return! The crescendo of the gospel message intentionally begins now, climaxing at the resurrection on Easter. Believers possess great responsibility and great opportunity to spread the gospel during Christmas. In previous tips, I have already shared a few ways we start the music in our home. We strive to keep Christ central in our conversation through the weekly lighting of the Advent candles, books we daily read that are chosen from our Advent Calendar, etc. My Christmas cards this year will highlight the gospel message above boasting of our family’s successes through the year. Our celebratory traditions are balanced to include age-appropriate events that present the gospel (i.e. A Journey Through Bethlehem, watching The Nativity). My home will be decorated to proclaim Christ’s birth, hopefully sparking rich conversations with our non-believing guests through the season. My heart beats faster just thinking of all the opportunities! We have much to celebrate! I encourage you to fix a cup of coffee or cocoa, grab your calendar, and brainstorm ways you and your family can proclaim and herald the good news we have to share this season. Merry Christmas!

P.S. – I downloaded The Expected One Advent Guide and have been browsing it this past week. I am completely in love with it, theologically and practically! A plus- it is free until December 1st! It contains great resources for daily readings, music for the season, and ideas for family worship. Hope you enjoy!


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